A leader in the global modified community, Precision provides its clientele with the future of medical, piercing, and tattoo products. Precision products are designed and manufactured for the artist, so that the artist and their client may both enjoy the absolute best outcome.

Precision set out to become the standard in the industry from its inception in 1999. Now Precision products can be found in some of the best tattoo and piercing studios worldwide. By working with domestic and international health departments, we are continually advancing the safety of our product line. You will not find safer, sharper, or higher quality tattoo and piercing supplies elsewhere.

Our Products

Precision features a broad line of needles, supplies, and medical products that are safe and effective for use in the tattoo and body piercing industry.

Our Mission

To provide the tattoo and piercing artists with professional grade needles, supplies, and medical products for the trade at affordable prices, supported by excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction.


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